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Pastor Jacqueline D. Daniszewski

Some words from our new pastor...
Thanks for visiting our page! My name is Jacqueline D. Daniszewski, but since that is a pretty long name for anyone to get out – you may call me Pastor Jackie.
So how did I get here? Well, one day the DS called and offered me a position in Telford, PA. Where is Telford was my response? Oh, near Lansdale, down in Bucks County. Okay, so on the web I went and found a beautiful photo of any old stone church on the Facebook page and eventually I travelled to the church and along came July 1, 2016 my start date.
I am married, my husband is named Edward, but unfortunately due to his business enterprises, remains in Berks County in our Exeter Twp Home. He has two grown sons, but I have no children of my own or with my husband. I just completed the Local Pastor’s Course of Study At Wesley Seminary in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.
I was always involved in Sunday school and church, my mother took me to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Reading, but my father being Lutheran wanted me to attend on Sundays. After much deliberation and a shiny red bus coming up the street to pick up children for church, it was decided I attend the Salvation Army church which I did until I graduated high school and moved out. Little did my parents know the founder of that church was a Methodist minister named William Booth a member of the Methodist Reform church in London, England. So, I suppose I have always been a Methodist.
What got me to attend the church was my little Lhasa Apso dog named Dusty who pulled me literally to the door of the church in Reading, ironically named Grace, to see the pastor’s name who had also ironically been my grade school principal, Rev. Richard Holder. God truly works through animals as well as people, and I finally answered God’s call to ministry and began my course of study. God also allowed me to remain at the same church I joined in Reading, taking over as pastor in 2009. After more than 28 years serving the Reading Police Department Records Office, I was able to leave that position to assume the position I so longingly desired as a ¾ time pastor. After being ¼ time in Reading for 7 years, I am here in Telford, a beautiful town filled with some of the most beautiful people and souls I have ever had the privilege to serve and know.
So, come on in to Grace United Methodist Church. We are growing and have three new families with small children join our church just in the last six months. We are a mixture of modern and tradition, but we think you will find a welcoming smile, and a treat from the Sweet Shoppe before our main 10:15 AM service. I guarantee you will want to come back, so see you soon!

Pastor Jacqueline D. Daniszewski - (215) 723 - 2144

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